Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers

Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers

Flowers make such a statement at your wedding – from the walk down the aisle to the ceremony to the reception.  Choosing the flowers, however, is not as simple as picking your favorite types and colors.  We have some tips on how to get the look you have been dreaming of.

Do Your Research BEFORE You Meet With the Florist

As you peruse magazines and websites, create a folder of the types of flowers and floral designs that you like.  Know the flower names, as well as the types of bouquets and arrangements, such as cascade, posy, and arm sheaf.

Consider Your Venue

When selecting flowers, keep your wedding venue in mind.  If you are having an outdoor ceremony, you may only need minimal arrangements, but if you then hold your reception indoors you may need to kick the arrangements up a notch. Does the venue décor call for something simple or more elegant? The shape of your tables will also play a role in the shape and type of centerpieces you choose.

Know Your Budget

Before you even walk into the florist, know how much you can spend.  Let the florist know your budget at the beginning of your meeting.  You can start the conversation by asking what they can do with your budget.  You don’t want to waste time talking about things you can’t afford. Be open to budget friendly substitutions, as you may be able to achieve the same affect for less money.

SHOW the Florist

When meeting with the florist, be sure to bring your folder of favorites, a picture of your wedding dress, dress swatches, and pictures of the venue.  Point out what you like and what you don’t like and ask what they think will work best with your dress and venue.




2 Responses to “Tips for Choosing Wedding Flowers”

  1. Shad Morris says:

    My friend is starting to plan for her wedding, and she wants to make sure that she has the flowers ready. I really like that you say to keep the venue in mind when buying flowers. It would be nice to add a little bit of beauty with some extra flowers indoors.

  2. Duncan Lance says:

    It really is important to know your wedding budget before you choose a florist. After all, you will want to make sure that you devote a part of it to getting the flowers that you will need. Of course, it might also help to talk to the florist about your budget and see what they can offer you based on that.

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