The Perfect Holiday Cocktail

Almond Joy

Wow the guests at your holiday party with a colorful, festive signature cocktail.  Our Almond Joy recipe beautifully blends the flavors of hazelnut, chocolate and coconut.  The delicious mixture is then topped off with an indulgent helping of whipped cream and a piece of candy.  A red and green sugared rim and splash of sprinkles complete the presentation.  This decadent drink makes the perfect desert or end of meal treat!


1 part coconut rum

1 part Frangelico

Dash of cream of coconut

1 teaspoon Hershey syrup

1 part ice cream blend

Rim a wine glass with red and green sugar.   Pour all of the ingredients into a shaker and mix.  Pour into the glass.  Top with whipped cream, red and green sprinkles, and a piece of Almond Joy candy.

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