iPhone Apps to Help You Plan the Picture Perfect Wedding

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Phone? Check. Upcoming wedding? Check. Here’s an idea. Use your phone to help you plan your wedding – from the announcement to the honeymoon. A few taps on your phone and you have powerful wedding planning tools at your fingertips.  Here are some of the top apps to try:


  1. Couple. Send messages, pictures, and to-do lists between you and your betrothed. It’s a great way to share planning ideas. With this app you can even manage and share one calendar so you know when you are meeting your vendors, when you need to finalize your menu, and more.
  2. Appy Couple. You can build an app version of a wedding website. Use it to share your big news and keep guests apprised of accommodations, travel options, and registry choices. Guests can also share pictures they take at your wedding.
  3. WeddingHappy. If you are detail oriented you might want to give this app a look. Its charts, graphs and task minders will keep you and your partner on track.
  4. Wedding Party. With this app friends and family can share all of their photos from the event in one place.

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