Cocktail Style Wedding Reception Ideas

Progressive cocktail style wedding ideas

Turn the mingling hour into the main event with a progressive cocktail style wedding reception.  This more intimate, casual affair is quite the hot trend right now.  Many couples are shying away from the traditional multi-course dinner and opting for endless appetizers.  The perfect balance of light and hearty snacks served throughout the night will keep your guests satisfied – and free to continue chatting it up or cutting a rug on the dance floor.  This non-traditional style also lets you forego the table assignments.  Guests can mingle with who they want, when they want.

How To Throw A Successful Cocktail Style Wedding Reception

1. Start with simple, refreshing bites like Blue Crab Canape or Caprese Skewers.

Caprese Skewers for Progressive Cocktail Party

2. Add some stations to encourage mingling.  Imported Cheese Boards and Crostini Displays are an elegant touch.Cheese Board for Cocktail Wedding Reception

3. As guests move to drinking and dancing, start to serve something a bit more hearty, such as Lobster Bisque Sip, Risotto Spoons, or Sirloin and Guinness Shepherd’s Pie.  This will give everyone sustenance to keep on 3 (12)

4.  Move on to a more sit-down dinner type dish miniaturized.  Sesame Crusted Rare Tuna, Filet Mignon Goufrette, and Spinach and Feta are great finger food options.

photo 2 (14)

5. Wind down with desert.  Hot chocolate fondue, cupcakes, and truffles are some fan favorites.chocolate fondue


If you are considering a cocktail style wedding reception, our event planners can help you create the perfect menu.

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