Choosing A Wedding Cake

exquisite monochromatic cake

You’re planning the big day and now it’s time to check the cake off of your list.  Here are a few tips when deciding about the style and flavor of your cake.

1. Hold off on cake selection until after you have finalized your dress style, wedding theme, and reception decor.  All of these play into your cake design.   If you want colorful accents to coordinate with your dresses or flowers, be sure to give swatches so the cake blends seamlessly.

2. Buttercream or fondant? Many people prefer the taste of buttercream, but love the smooth look of fondant.  You can have both! Have the cake frosted in buttercream then covered in a layer of fondant.

3. Wedding cakes are traditionally vanilla, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break from tradition.  Consider chocolate, hazelnut, lemon or carrot.  You also have a selection of fillings to choose from – jam, buttercream, pureed fruit, whipped cream and lemon curd to name a few.  Some wedding couples also like to consider the menu when selecting a flavor.

4. The look of the cake can be as unique as the bride and groom.  A structured, traditional multi-tiered cake. Square tiers. Multi-shaped tiers. Monochromatic. Colorful.  A touch of bling. Fresh fruit.  Edible flowers. Even cupcakes.  There are so many design options.

To start your creative juices flowing, we have pulled together a few cake designs for inspiration.

black and white cake

bling cake

chocolate scroll cake

elaborate cake

another white cake

Fall flower cake

flower waterfall cake

cupcakes and cake

ganache cake

piping and bling cake

Purple detail cake

purple flower cake

purple fondant cake

square ganache cake

square and round cake

tiffany inspired cake

scroll cake

woodsy cake

yellow and brown detail cake


birch cake

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