14 Fabulous Alternatives (and Add Ons) to Wedding Cake

On your wedding day serve desserts that reflect your taste and style. If you’re not a let them eat cake couple, here are 14 wedding cake alternatives you might want to consider. If you’re still on the fence, these yummy treats also make fun dessert options in addition to your wedding cake.

1. Cotton Candy is fun, whimsical and oh so sweet.

cotton candy


2. Warm Fried Zeppole is so inviting.

fried zeppole


3. Junk food junkies will love these hostess cakes.

hostess cakes


4. Who doesn’t love a s’more?




4. Chocolate lovers will embrace a flowing fountain of goodness.

chocolate fountain5. Keep energy up for dancing with a candy bar.

candy bar

6. Creme brulee is so comforting and indulgent.

creme brulee

7. Guests will love the rich sweetness of bananas foster.

bananas foster

8. Crepes, Nutella, whipped cream and nuts – yum!


10. ┬áDonuts aren’t just for breakfast!



11. A variety of parfaits is colorful and delicious.



12. Celebrate with a slice of pie.


13. Opt for cupcakes.


14. Or separate cakes in place of multi-tiers.

three single layer cakes





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